About Forex

Now that your packing is done, accommodation is booked and all the arrangement is done for your tour, have you thought how you are carrying cash? You might be thinking that the cash can be easily converted at the airport, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but you are wrong!


By keeping the forex aspect at the end of your travel planning is one of the biggest mistakes you have done for your travel budget. To ensure you do not face any difficulty, we at Cardinal Holiday Planners are here to take care of your forex needs. No matter whether you are traveling for leisure, business or to complete your studies, it is of paramount importance to not neglect on foreign exchange.


With people traveling abroad for end number of reasons, the need for foreign exchange services has become important. No matter whether it is for sending money to your child’s education or for traveling abroad, foreign exchange solutions have gained immense popularity. Tourists look for foreign exchange solutions at competitive rates. Find everything you want about currency exchange right here at Cardinal Holiday Planners. Traveling has never been easy and hassle-free, all thanks to the foreign exchange or forex requirements which are taken care by the experts at Cardinal Holiday Planners.

Steps to Get Foreign Exchange

  1. Choose your preferred amount and currency
  2. Enter all the required traveler details and the delivery option
  3. Make hassle-free payment online
  4. Get an order confirmation instantly


What are the aspects you tend to look for when you are traveling abroad for the first time? Well, it definitely has to be, the best time to visit, top places to visit, things to do and everything that will make your trip memorable. However, the most important aspect when traveling abroad is Forex or money exchange.


Foreign exchange or Forex is one of the vital aspects for any traveler, whether business or leisure. And, Cardinal Holiday Planners is here to help you through this process. Not many know, but USD is the maximum selling currency which is easily available. However, currencies such as Thai Baht or AED Dirham are not easy to get. This is one of the major reasons why having foreign exchange in your travel planning important.


We at Cardinal Holiday Planners look forward to serve you with every forex problem. With years of experience, we only offer authentic currency notes to our customers. With us, you know, you are in safe hands, unlike exchange lenders where getting counterfeit currency is a possibility.


Not many know, but some countries only accept certain currencies. Say, for example, Indian Rupees or INR is not accepted in countries like UK or USA. For the same, you will have to carry their currency exchange. Though there are a number of options when it comes to forex, Cardinal Holiday Planners remains as the considered choice among the travelers. Cardinal Holiday Planners has got your back be it getting competitive currency rates to online foreign exchange at your convenience.